Demolition and recycling

We give nature back to you! 

In its workt he ŠUŠA company comes across different materials that constitute building or industrial waste. Such materials are shipped to recycling centers or are recycled on the spot and a location is filled. After its work is done the company leaves behind a green surface, clean and prepared for a new building...



Target zero safety

All employees of the ŠUŠA Company are devoted to one of the main goals of the company: zero accidents, zero serious injuries, zero incidents and zero environmental pollution.


Demolition by special machinery

Buildings are demolished to provide space for the creation of new buildings, for the removal of old and unstable structures or the clearing to convert to green space or usable space. Before the start of the demolition project team made the basis for the safe and secure operation of workers, surrounding infrastructure and equipment, preparation of project documentation, and defines an optimal solution for the works on the demolition of the structure.

Mechanical demolition

Mechanical demolition falls into the category of modern technology and is implemented using a tracked excavator with different reach and hydraulic tools that are designed and produced for the project failure. The company has specialized machines of the latest generation and hydraulic tools known manufacturers. The main advantages of these machines are:       basic construction technology adapted demolition      economy and safety at work,      easy handling,      rapid adaptation and replacement branches of different lengths,      great strength and stability      quick tool change.  All machines for demolition following tools to perform a variety of important operational and technological operations during demolition.

Hammers and processors of various dimensions and strengths, collapsing and crumbling buildings highest hardness constructed of reinforced concrete.

05_bs novi sad 1.jpg05_masinsko rusenje.jpg05_rusenje.jpg05_rusenje benzinske stanice.jpg05_rusenje mlina u senti.jpg05_rusenje nadstresnice.jpg05_rusenje prednapregnute konstrukcije.jpg05_rusenje specijalnim alatima.jpg05_rusenje velike pecurke novi sad.jpg05_stari mlin senta.jpg016_bager sa granom velikog dohvata.jpg016_gornji stroj mosta.jpg016_grana velikog dohvata 1.jpg016_hidraulicni cekic.jpg016_masinsko rusenje mosta 1.jpg016_most ciflik stanicenje.jpg016_most koridor 10.jpg016_most preko niave.jpg016_odvoz neopasnog gradjevinskog otpada.jpg016_polivanje vodom prilikom rusenja.jpg016_razbijanje betonske konstrukcije.jpg016_razbijanje gornjeg stroja mosta 1.jpg016_rusenje ab glavne grede.jpg016_rusenje ab mosta 1.jpg016_rusenje ftn 1.jpg016_rusenje glavne grede.jpg016_rusenje grajferom 1.jpg016_rusenje i sortiranje 1.jpg016_rusenje konzolnih  delova mosta.jpg016_rusenje mosta - snimak dronom 1.jpg