Demolition and recycling

We give nature back to you! 

In its workt he ŠUŠA company comes across different materials that constitute building or industrial waste. Such materials are shipped to recycling centers or are recycled on the spot and a location is filled. After its work is done the company leaves behind a green surface, clean and prepared for a new building...



Target zero safety

All employees of the ŠUŠA Company are devoted to one of the main goals of the company: zero accidents, zero serious injuries, zero incidents and zero environmental pollution.


Demolition of concrete structures by cutting

With skeleton-like slender reinforced concrete structures and their surroundings, when you need to reduce the noise and shaking, demolition by hydraulic shears is used.

05_bs velika pecurka novi sad.jpg05_rekonstrukcija hale.jpg016_hidraulicne makaze.jpg016_primena hidraulicnih makaza.jpg016_rusenje benzinske stanice sombor.jpg016_rusenje glavnog grednog nosaca 1.jpg016_rusenje prednapregnute konstrukcije 1.jpg016_rusenje prednapregnutog nosaca mosta.jpg016_vlcsnap-2015-09-01-08h57m48s047.jpg016_vlcsnap-2015-09-01-09h00m02s796.jpgKlesta za rusenje 2.jpgKlesta za rusenje 3.jpgRusenje - Beocinska cementara.jpgRusenje - BFC.jpgRusenje hidraulicnim makazama 5.jpgRusenje hidraulicnim makazana 1.jpgRusenje hidraulicnim makazana 2.jpgRusenje stare Beocinske cementare.jpgRusenje starih pogona u cementari Lafarge.jpgSecenje betona 1.jpgSecenje betonskih elemenata.jpgSecenje betonskih konstrukcija.jpg